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Athens - Stathmos Larisis

Athens, Stathmos Larisis, Apartment 93 sq.m., Floor: 3rd, 2 Bedroom/s , Penthouse, Airy, Roadside, Bright Building Year: 1973, Heating: Central - Petrol, Elevator, Night stream, Balcony Cover ,...

Last Updated: 11/30/2021
Apartment For Sale 93Sq.m 110,000€

Athens - Pagrati

Athens, Pagrati, Floor Apartment 165 sq.m., Floor: 4th, Bright, On Corner Building Year: 1977, Property Status: Very Good, Renovated, Rebuilt Year: 2010 , Heating: Personal - Heat Pump, AirCond...

Last Updated: 11/29/2021
Floor Apartment For Sale 165Sq.m 450,000€

Athens - Kypseli

Athens, Kypseli, Building 343 sq.m., Price: 500.000€. Property Code: Z27500 ARC Real Estate

Last Updated: 11/26/2021
Building For Sale 343Sq.m 500,000€

Zografos - Center

Zografos, Center, Apartment 58 sq.m., Floor: 2nd, 2 Bedroom/s , Luxury, Not Roadside, Bright Building Year: 1971, Property Status: fully refurnished, Painted, Renovated, Rebuilt Year: 2021 , Hea...

Last Updated: 11/26/2021
Apartment For Sale 58Sq.m 124,000€

Athens - Ilisia

Athens, Ilisia, Building 570 sq.m., Floor: Ground floor, 6 Level/s, Penthouse, Airy, Roadside, Bright, On Corner, View: Good , Building Year: 1963, Property Status: Good, Heating: Central - Natu...

Last Updated: 11/25/2021
Building For Sale 570Sq.m 1,000,000€

Zografos - Center

Zografos, Center, Apartment 72 sq.m., Floor: 6th, 2 Bedroom/s , Penthouse, Airy, Bright Building Year: 1969, Property Status: Perfect, Renovated, Rebuilt Year: 2006 , Heating: None, AirConditio...

Last Updated: 11/24/2021
Apartment For Sale 72Sq.m 145,000€

Kaisariani - Skopeftirio

Kaisariani, Skopeftirio, Apartment 55 sq.m., Floor: Ground floor, 1 Bedroom/s , For Investment, Roadside, Bright Building Year: 1975, Property Status: fully refurnished, Renovated, Rebuilt Year:...

Last Updated: 11/23/2021
Apartment For Sale 55Sq.m 65,000€

Athens - Kato Patisia

Athens, Kato Patisia, Penthouse 96 sq.m., Floor: 5th, 1 Level/s, 3 Bedroom/s , Penthouse, Airy, Roadside, Not Roadside, Bright, View: Unlimited , Building Year: 1974, Property Status: Very Good, ...

Last Updated: 11/23/2021
Penthouse For Sale 96Sq.m 155,000€

Athens - Neapolis Exarcheion

Athens, Neapolis Exarcheion, Apartment 50 sq.m., Floor: Mezzanine, 2 Bedroom/s , Roadside, On Corner Building Year: 1970, Renovated, Rebuilt Year: 2020 , Heating: Autonomous - Natural Gas, AirC...

Last Updated: 11/22/2021
Apartment For Sale 50Sq.m 80,000€

Athens - Agios Pantelehimon

Athens, Agios Pantelehimon, Apartment 45 sq.m., Floor: 2nd, 1 Bedroom/s , Roadside Building Year: 1975, Property Status: fully refurnished, Metro , 1 Bathroom /s, Near to: 5΄ ΑΠΟ ΗΣΑΠ, ΑΓΟΡΑ ΚΑ...

Last Updated: 11/22/2021
Apartment For Sale 45Sq.m 57,000€

Afidnes - Agia Triada

Afidnes (Kiourka), Agia Triada, Detached house 330 sq.m., In Plot 12000 τ.μ., Floor: Ground floor, 3 Level/s, 6 Bedroom/s , Stonehouse, Luxury, Mansion, Airy, Roadside, Not Roadside, Bright Build...

New Development

Last Updated: 11/19/2021
Detached house For Sale 330Sq.m 1,200,000€

Athens - Ano Ilisia

Athens, Ano Ilisia, Apartment 60 sq.m., Floor: 3rd, 1 Bedroom/s , For Investment, Furnished, Luxury, Penthouse, Bright, On Corner, On Highway Building Year: 1963, Property Status: Perfect, Paint...

Last Updated: 11/18/2021
Apartment For Sale 60Sq.m 132,000€

Athens - Plateia Viktorias

Athens, Plateia Viktorias, Apartment 55 sq.m., Floor: 1rst, 1 Level/s, 1 Bedroom/s , Not Roadside, Bright Building Year: 1970, Property Status: Needs total renovation, Heating: Central, Elevato...

Last Updated: 11/17/2021
Apartment For Sale 55Sq.m 40,000€

Athens - Ano Ilisia

Athens, Ano Ilisia, Floor Apartment 85 sq.m., Floor: 6th, 2 Bedroom/s , Luxury, Airy, Bright Building Year: 2021, Property Status: under construction, New Construction, Rebuilt Year: Heating: P...

New Development

Last Updated: 11/17/2021
Floor Apartment For Sale 85Sq.m 290,000€

Zografos - Politechnioupoli

Zografos, Politechnioupoli, Studio 26 sq.m., Floor: Semi basement, 1 Bedroom/s , For Investment, Furnished, Roadside, Bright, On Highway Building Year: 1966, Property Status: fully refurnished, ...

Last Updated: 11/17/2021
Studio For Sale 26Sq.m 44,000€

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