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Welcome to ARC SA

ARC SA was founded in 2005 in the Municipality of Zografou in order to provide specialized and complete services for real estate. It started with the shop in the Municipality of Zografou that specializes in the central urban areas of the Attica basin and a year later the store was added to the Municipality of Nea Smyrni which specializes in the southern regions.

Our vision is to be the customer's first choice in the areas we operate in. A strategy to achieve our vision is to always strive for the best, stand by our client by providing high-quality services, honest and substantiated choices adding the highest value.

Our approach is anthropocentric, cutting edge the integration of new technologies, in the direction of a better and more efficient customer service.

We have a team of specialized consultants working in each area of ​​activity, whose task is to create and maintain a complete portfolio of real estate. Every property owner can have a clear picture of his property (how many people wanted to see it, how many people liked it, what they would do about it). The team also shows prospective buyers real estate that suits their needs, desires and financial capabilities.

Contact Us

Zografou branch
Xirogianni 10, Zografou 15773
(+30) 210 7777377
Nea Smirni branch
El. Venizelou 18, Nea Smirni 17123
(+30) 210 9310088
[email protected]